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    Hey! I am Doggie from Pandanda, Leader of The Purple Gang. The Purple Gang is a group of my Panda Friends, that gets access to the sickest parties! To see why you should Join Purple Gang go to the " Why Join?" page. To join go to the "Join" page. Hope to see you around Pandanda! -Doggie
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Doggie’s Purple Panda Gang

Hello everyone! This is Doggie from Pandanda. Thank you for visiting my website.

You most likely found this website by searching what is purple gang on Pandanda. Here you can learn everything about them and even signup to be part of Purple Gang.

What is Purple Gang?

Purple Gang is a group of famous Pandas on Pandanda. The Owner and Founder of Purple Gang username on Pandanda is Doggie. For more detial about Purple Gang click here or visit the “About” page.

Why Join Purple Gang?

There are many reasons to join Purple Gang. You gain access to the coolest parties where you can meet famous Pandas, you can win cool membership prizes for Pandanda and well known members are famous on Pandanda. For a list of reasons why you should join Purple Gang click here or visit the” Why Join?” page.

Where can i sign up for Purple Gang?

You can signup for Purple Gang by clicking here or by going to the “Join” page.





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Club Penguin Around the World Video

Greetings Penguins,

Happy77 here. We had an idea to make a video out of all the amazing photos you’ve sent in. Since Rockhopper’s here for the Island Adventure Party, we thought we should make one with pictures of him. Look at all the places he’s been!

What do you think? 🙂

I’d like to make another video like this with your pictures of Gary the Gadget Guy or Herbert next. But we need your pictures to make it happen! Send in your pictures by clicking here.

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Rockhopper Found on Club Penguin!

hey everyone i was just on sleet and i found rockhopper! go there now if your online! i will upload the video soon and be sure to use the 100% accurate rockhopper tracker on my website! thanks!

Aunt Arctic’s Back on Club Penguin!

Hey guys, its Doggie here to tell you Aunt Arctic has came back online. So get your trackers up because here she comes. Doggie gave us this picture. Doggie was walking around the Town, when he noticed aunt arctic walk through  😀

there is another picture that he took.
Sincerely ~ Doggie ~

Zing Ballyhoo’s New Prize

Today’s Monday…that means Zing Ballyhoo has a new prize! Collect 10 golden tickets from all around Pandanda then head over to the treehouse and click on Zing Ballyhoo. The new prize is………………………….

A wooden walking stick. Maybe this is the new prize because it can help you walk. I like this new prize. Leave us your thoughts about the new prize by commenting below!

Pink Panic Color Day!

Today was Pink Panic Color day! Pandas all around Pandanda dressed pink to celebrate Pink Panic Color day! Henry even made a new post on his site. Look what it says:


It’s Thursday, so it must bePINK PANIC COLOR DAY!!Mod Jule sent in a Think Pink picture to help inspire everyone to dress in as much pink as possible today!

Did you know that the color pink can make you feel energetic and confident? When you are really happy you might say you are “tickled pink!” And when we feel in good health, we are “in the pink!”

Put on your pink Panda Paint, pink clothes, pink accessories, and anything else pink you can find. Get a HUGE crowd of pink pandas together and change the Purple Door to the Pink Door!
Celebrate the positively perfect color PINK!

Keep your eyes out for a new Poll, coming soon!

Party on in Pink!

I had fun at pink day today! What about you? Comment below!

Meet the Mods – Muzester

Today, Henry posted another meet the mods! This time, it was about Moderator Muzester! Let’s see the Questions and Answers!

We haven’t had a Moderator Q&A since the middle of May, so I guess it’s about time for another one! This time let’s get to know Mod Muzester!

Do you have any dragons?

  • I have three dragons. Anni, Putter, and Blackie. Putter is pink…she was my first. Anni is gray and Blackie is well…..uh black. They are named after my three cats.

What is your treehouse like?

  • I am in the middle of redecorating. Right now it is all black and red with lots of windows. It still needs a lot of work….maybe I could hire someone to finish it.

What is your favorite outfit?

  • That is a tough one. I really liked the snowflake sweaters, the scarves, the parkas, the ear muffs …….I guess you could say I like all the winter ones.

What is your favorite color?

  • Pink

Which mini game is your favorite?

  • Line Four….especially now that I don’t get beat ALL the time.

Would you rather chase Bunnies or hunt Ghosts? Why?

  • I like to hunt ghosts. It is a challenge not to be frozen.

What was your favorite festival? Why?

  • I would have to say the Friendship Festival. I love the bracelets and all the bright colors and we still have snow.

What is your favorite quest?

  • Another hard question since I love doing them all. The food ones make me hungry so that can’t be it. I would have to say the one where you pick flowers. I love spring flowers.

What is your favorite room in Pandanda?

  • Coconut Beach. I like listening to the waves roll in and the fire at night.

What is the best thing about being a Moderator?

  • Silly question…hanging with the pandas of course!

What is the hardest thing about being a Moderator?

  • Running around trying to see everyone.

What do you like to do when you are not moderating?

  • I like to read. I live on a lake so I really enjoying reading and looking out over the lake.

What makes you smile in Pandanda?

  • I like to see pandas helping the new pandas when there isn’t a moderator around.

Is there anything else you would like to say to Pandanda land?

  • Have fun…stay safe….be nice to others….and come see me!!!

– Mod Muzester

And don’t forget about Pink Panic Color Day tomorrow!!

Cool! Muzester sounds cool! Like they said, don’t forget about Pink Panic Color Day!